Villages in the Alliance

Loudoun’s villages reflect hundreds of years of historic settlement patterns in the beautiful Piedmont of Virginia. Their buildings and settings document that history, through war and peace, growth and decline, changes in commerce, agriculture, and transportation. The social and cultural heritage they represent, and their vitality today, makes them a vital part of the overall character of rural Loudoun.

Loudoun’s historic rural villages are unincorporated (unlike Loudoun’s seven towns). There is no village government, mayor, or council. They are governed by county policies.

Some are little more than a few buildings and a roadside sign marking the crossroads. Others include historic church or two, commercial, and school buildings as well as many residences and often a post office. Their historic structures often have been repurposed (historic schools have become community centers, for example).

Surrounded by farmland, woodland, and open space, most of the villages remain centers of community and activity, with social and recreational activities, schools, churches, commercial establishments, volunteer organizations, and community civic organizations.

Each of Loudoun’s villages is unique. We invite you to explore each.