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Waterford, was founded in 1733 by Quakers from Pennsylvania searching for fertile farmland. It is one of several Quaker villages in Loudoun County. Located 7 miles west of Leesburg, its original setting is virtually unchanged. This site appealed to the founders because of the prime soils along the South Fork of Catoctin Creek and the Creek was the perfect setting for the mill they would need to process their raw materials for market. Waterford thrived. Today much of that early settlement survives: homes, barns, the mill, schools, churches and their link to the farmland. This allows visitors to step back in time as they explore this early American agricultural community

Quaker opposition to slavery meant African Americans found sanctuary in this community. White and Black Waterfordians lived and played side by side yet each had their own schools and churches.

Waterford is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark, the highest designation for an American historic site. Much of the village and surrounding farmland are protected in perpetuity by conservation easements. About 750 acres are also protected by Loudoun County’s Historic and Cultural Conservation program.

Waterford is recognized as a leader in the preservation of our American heritage.


Since 1984, the Foundation has conducted a highly successful living history program in Waterford’s 1867 one-room school for African Americans. Regional school children take on the identities of actual nineteenth-century counterparts in a memorable morning-long program led by trained, costumed docents.

Each October, the Waterford Fair attracts visitors from far and wide to enjoy demonstrations of early-American crafts, music, and dance, as well as Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments.

Waterford is home to the Waterford Craft School (LINK) and summer camps for children.

In the spring, join us for the Waterford Trail Run.

On Second Street, there is a small country store where you can find drinks and snacks and sit by the wood-burning potbellied stove when it is cool outside. There is a post office just down the street.